Hammer Springs Trip

Hammer Springs Trip

Thanks to Peter Merwood for organising the Hanmer fly over for KDAC. We took off on 20190727 around 10:30. PIC’s took various routes to get there. The weather was great on Saturday, but was a bit windy on Sunday. Some PIC took the option to do a touch and go (and fly over) the alternate air strip.

The accommodation at Hanmer was good, so was the drinks at the Pub. And dinner, well that was legend!! We ate like Kings, and we over eat! Look at the size of the dessert. And yes, Shaun did try to eat it all, and failed!
The hot spring was great, it did get a bit too hot!
Definitely a good trip, and one I will do again next year.

Totally recommended.
Mohamad Sabardin

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