Kapiti Aero Club

Aircraft & Pricing

The Kapiti Districts Aero Club offers a range of aircraft for both training and private hire. The primary training aircraft are five Cessna 152 aircraft. Three of those are Cessna Aerobats and can be used for aerobatic training. Aircraft can be booked online by club members using Paper Aviator. The Solo Hire rate is for individuals only, and the Dual Hire rate also includes the instructor’s time.


If you’ve never flown before, start with one of our trial flight packages for aeroplane or helicopter.

Fixed Wing

The following are our current aircraft hourly member rates we offer through the Kapiti Aero Club.

Cessna 152

Number in fleet: 5

The C-152 is a reliable and affordable two-seated aircraft, ideal for pilot training. We have a fleet of five C152’s, three of which are rated for aerobatics.

Solo hire $200/hr
Dual hire $275/hr

Cessna 172 (G1000)

Number in fleet: 2

Measured by its longevity and popularity, the C-172 is the most successful aircraft in history. Kapiti Aero Club operates two C172’s, with both aircraft offering G1000 glass cockpits and full IFR capability.

Solo hire $270/hr
Dual hire $345/hr

Piper Tomahawk (PA38)

Number in fleet: 1

The Piper Tomahawk is a two-seated training aircraft with a low-wing design. It is a great alternative to the C-152.

Solo hire $195/hr
Dual hire $270/hr

Piper Archer (PA28)

Number in fleet: 1

A very comfortable four seater with a great payload, range and speed. Perfect for cross country trips with great passenger comfort.

Solo hire $270/hr
Dual hire $345/hr

Cessna 182

Number in fleet: 1

Larger and roomier than the C-172, the Cessna 182 provides extra power, extra payload and an extra challenge of flying an aircraft with a constant-speed propeller.

Solo hire $390.25/hr
Dual hire $465.25/hr

Aviat Husky A-1C 180HP

Number in fleet: 1

The Aviat Husky A-1C is the most recent addition to the fleet. It is a two seat tail wheel aircraft and is a great option for those wanting to achieve a tail wheel rating. Described as the “passport to the backcountry” it is perfect for flying into strips as well as mountain flying.

Solo hire $270/hr
Dual hire $345/hr


The following are our current aircraft hourly member rates we offer through the Kapiti Aero Club.


  • Mountain / Sling: additional $60 Per Hour

Guimbal Cabri G2

Number in fleet: 1

Built out of modern composite materials, the Cabri G2 really is state of the art. It features a weighted three bladed main rotor, as well as a Fenestron (shielded) tail rotor that enhances safety, efficiency, and noise reduction.

Training rate $650/hr
Casual hire rate - Please contact us

Simulator Pricing

The following are our current simulator hourly member rates we offer through the Kapiti Aero Club.

Elite PI-135 Simulator

Solo Hire Rate/FREE
Dual Hire $95/hr

Notes & Conditions

  • Prices are based on member rates and are current as at 1/03/2019, and are subject to change.
  • Prices include GST.
  • When operating an aircraft hired from the aero club all pilots must adhere to the Kapiti Districts Aero Club Flight Orders.