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Instrument Rating Training

If you’re a pilot looking to up-skill and expand your aviation horizons, the Instrument Flight Rating (IR) is the solution you’ve been searching for. The IR rating enables you to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) as Pilot in Command, freeing you from the limits of visual navigation principles and many weather constraints. With an IR rating you can travel safely from one location to another by relying solely on your flight and navigation instruments, regardless of weather or lighting conditions.




Only 30 minutes north of Wellington City, Kāpiti Aero Club offers an exceptional base for you to achieve your IR rating.

  • The club has experienced and dedicated flight instructors who provide one-on-one tailored IFR training leading to your Single Engine Instrument Rating. Once you have cost-effectively achieved your SEIR, you will be in a great position to achieve your Multi Engine Instrument Rating through Massey University School of Aviation (details below). We provide ground training towards all IR theory exams.
  • We offer extremely cost effective rates without compromising on the standard. The minimum cost for our IFR package is currently $14,500 (conditions apply).
  • Our technologically advanced IFR aircraft are equipped with modern G1000 avionics suites and electronic flight instrument systems that help you acquire the necessary skills to excel in this modern age of PBN navigation.
  • We provide all GNSS/RNP/VOR/ILS licence endorsements.
  • Studying and training for an IR Rating takes time and dedication, the relaxed Kāpiti atmosphere, our friendly staff and students, and the comfortable modern clubhouse, close to cafes and lunch spots make Kāpiti Aero Club an excellent place for an aspiring pilot to call home.
  • Kāpiti Aero Club has been around for nearly 40 years with a proven track record in the aviation industry that you can rely on for accurate and professional training.


Eligibilty Requirements

  • You must hold a PPL or CPL to complete an IR. To be eligible for an IR, PPL holders must have passes in a newly developed combined Human factors & Meteorology exam
  • Night flying privileges appropriate to license held.
  • Theory subjects: Air Law, Flight Navigation, Instruments and Navigation Aids
  • GPS theory ground course
  • Class 2 Aviation Medical (Class 1 hearing standard must be achieved).


Flight Test Requirements

  • 50 hours total VFR navigation cross country flight experience as Pilot in Command.
  • 40 hours total instrument time, including 20 hours instrument flight time, and the specific flight experience detailed by AC61-17.


G1000 Simulator

To aid students in learning the IFR environment, we are very proud to offer an exceptional training experience with our very own Garmin G1000 Avionics Trainer, available for both VFR and IFR training.


Massey University School of Aviation Partnership

We are pleased to announce a collaboration with Massey University School of Aviation for IFR training at Kāpiti Aero Club, which enables us to offer our students up to 20 hours of instrument time using Massey’s cutting-edge flight simulators. As a result, we can provide remarkably competitive rates for this training, reducing your costs.


Building on our strong partnership, we offer a streamlined pathway for our students to undertake the multi-engine phase of their Instrument Rating through Massey University School of Aviation. Following the completion of the single-engine IR component at Kāpiti, you can seamlessly transition to the multi-engine training stage utilising Massey’s state-of-the-art DA-42 aircraft and simulators at highly competitive rates. Conditions apply.


For further details about the Massey Aviation partnership, please feel free to reach out to  IFR@kapitiaeroclub.co.nz.



Get started today!

Our commitment to supporting every student to achieve their aviation goals is demonstrated by the results we have achieved with many students now exercising the instrument flying skills in many airlines and private pilots liberated from the confines of VFR flying.


Don’t wait any longer to take your flying abilities to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our IFR training program or send an email to IFR@kapitiaeroclub.co.nz and we’ll get straight back to you..

If you are ready to start working towards your Instrument Rating, give us a call on 04 902 6536 or visit our clubrooms where one of our staff will be more than happy to discuss your training in more detail.