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Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating is a qualification that a pilot must hold in order to fly under IFR (instrument flight rules). It requires additional training and instruction beyond what is required for a PPL or CPL, including rules and procedures specific to instrument flying, additional instruction in meteorology and more intensive training in flying solely by reference to instruments.


With an instrument rating a pilot is not limited to VFR (visual flight rules) conditions but can fly through and above cloud given the need. It is also a requirement for all pilots who wish to fly for an airline as a career. Using our modern Cessna 172S which is equipped with the G1000 technically enhanced cockpit we offer students the ability to utilize cutting edge navigation technology to complete their training towards a NZ instrument rating with VOR/RNAV/RNP/ILS endorsements.


For more information, check out the instrument rating section on our website.


IFR Intro Flight Experience

If you are interested in taking a first step towards gaining your instrument rating, Kāpiti Aero Club offers an ‘IFR Intro Flight Experience’. This flight will have you at the controls of one of our C172s with a qualified flight instructor as you navigate the skies under Instrument Flight Rules between Paraparaumu through to Palmerston North and back (average 1.7 hour flight). With this package you’ll also spend one hour with your instructor as he guides you through the use of our G1000 simulator. Hours gained from this 1/2 day experience can be logged towards your hour requirements for an Instrument Rating.


Package Cost: $1150.00

Aerobatic Rating

The Aerobatic Rating course consists of a series of theory modules, which are completed in conjunction with flight instruction.


Following satisfactory training performance the student shall complete a flight check. Upon successful demonstration, the student shall be issued with an aerobatic rating.


Part 1 – Spin Training


2 Hours Dual including the following:


  • Ground briefing
  • Recognize the symptoms of incipient and fully-developed spins
  • Recovery techniques


Part 2 – Basic Aerobatics


Ground Course:


  • Legislation
  • Human Factors
  • Airframe Limitations
  • Airmanship
  • Emergencies
  • Pre-Flight Preparation


Air Exercises:


  • Spinning
  • Loops
  • Aileron Rolls
  • Stall Turns
  • Combinations


Cost Estimate:


  • Dual flight time (6 hours) $2,100
  • Solo flight time (4 hours) $1,020
  • Pre-Flight briefings (5) $150
  • Landing & Airways fees $470
  • Aerobatic flight training guide $45
  • Aerobatic Sign off $750


Minimum Cost: $4,535.00.

Night Rating

The Night Rating allows you to fly by night under VFR. This can be quite a handy addition to your license should you be delayed by weather or for any other reason. Night flying is a special experience and is very different compared to flying in the day.




  • 2 Hours instrument flight time




  • 5 hours training is required, which is to include 2 hours dual, 2 hours solo, and 1 hour of either


Minimum Cost: $2,434.50.


For more information, download the CAA Night VFR Guide.

C Category Instructor Rating

The C Category Instructor Rating allows the holder to teach PPL & CPL students. It’s often the first stepping stone of an aviation career.

The course includes 25 hours dual instruction, 1 hour right-hand seat conversion, 1 hour spinning recovery instruction and 8 hours ground instruction per week. An instructional techniques course will need to be completed externally before sitting the flight test.




The course is usually run as a full time course which spans 3-4 months.




  • New Zealand CPL
  • 150 Hours Pilot in Command (this is a requirement to sit the flight test, you can start the course with a little less)


Minimum Cost: $22,968.50 (excludes instructional techniques course).


For further details on meeting the requirements for a NZ CAA Instructor Rating download CAA form AC061-18. If you would like any more information, give us a call.

If you are ready to start working towards your ratings, give us a call on 04 902 6536 or visit our clubrooms where one of our staff will be more than happy to discuss your training in more detail.