Kāpiti Aero Club


Kāpiti Aero Club is staffed by a professional and committed team of instructors and administrators. We are available 7 days a week to help you achieve your flying goals. The club is governed by a diverse executive committee.

Chief Flying Instructor, B-CAT (A) Instructor

Diego Acevedo

Diego has aviation running deep in his DNA, being the third generation of pilots in his family. He started his pilot training in 2008, before moving to New Zealand, and also holds pilots licenses in Canada and Guatemala. After moving to Wellington he gained his C-Cat and B-Cat Instructor Ratings at the club.

When Diego isn’t flying, he is looking after his fish and chickens, curating exotic plants, travelling, and enjoying time with friends. He loves sharing his knowledge and watching people’s passion for flying grow alongside his.

B-CAT (A) Instructor

Trinity Hart

Trinity completed her CPL/MEIR/C-Cat at Air Hawkes Bay in 2021. She has since joined the aero club and completed her B-Cat instructor rating. She is quite partial to aerobatics, often spending part of the workday upside down.

When Trinity isn't flying she can be found on the basketball court, watering her many houseplants, and feeding her iced coffee addiction!


Justin Smith

Justin started his flight training at Kapiti Aero Club in 2018 and went on to complete his CPL, MEIR and C-Cat Rating at Air Hawkes Bay.
Justin has returned to Kapiti and is our primary IFR instructor.
When he isn't flying, Justin is usually watching the footy with his friends or travelling the world.

B-CAT (A) Instructor

Gavin Grant

Originally from New Plymouth, Gavin completed his flight training at Massey University School of Aviation before being hired there as a flight instructor. During his time at Massey, Gavin earned his B Category Instructor rating and additional privileges to teach IFR, aerobatics, and night flying.

Gavin is not just an instructor, he also has vast experience in the world of aviation such as being a Paraparaumu Flight Information Office and working overseas for an aviation training company.

Outside of aviation, Gavin enjoys mountain biking, playing golf and watching his beloved rugby team the Taranaki Bulls

C-CAT (A) Instructor

Will Maher

Will has been interested in aviation since a very young age. But it wasnt until 2016 when he
got the push he needed from his wife to get started and from that point on he hasn’t looked back. Will completed the majority of his flight training with Southern Wings at Ardmore. This lead to him working for GoSkydive NZ as a drop pilot and safety manager before moving to Wellington and completing his C-Cat here at Kapiti Aero Club. Outside of flying, Will likes taking his dog for walks and going travelling with his family.

C-CAT (A) Instructor

Aidan Henderson

Starting with a fascination of hot air balloons at a young age, Aidan quickly became interested in all thing’s aviation related. He began flying at the age of 14 in taildraggers before completing his licences at Massey University. Away from flying he has interests in motorbike riding, and attempting to surf.


Hugo Tengvall

Hugo is a dedicated aviator who's passionate about sharing his expertise with aspiring pilots. Hugo completed his training at Kapiti Aero Club and Nelson Aviation College and obtained his C-cat Instructor rating with KDAC in 2023. Outside the cockpit, Hugo enjoys bike rides, relaxing in a sauna, and exploring various tea blends.


Sam Andrews

Sam obtained his C-Cat instructor rating with Kapiti Aero Club in 2023. Sam began his flying in Wanaka in 2019 and continued his studies at Nelson Aviation College from 2020-2022 where he earned his CPL and his MEIR. Beyond aviation, Sam enjoys skiing, football, and rugby, showcasing his love for both the skies and the field. He brings a practical approach to his instruction, emphasizing safety and professionalism.

C-CAT (A) Instructor

Tegan McIndoe

Tegan’s aviation career began here at Kapiti Aero Club in 2016.

After a few years of flying with the Aero Club and attending flying courses with the Air Cadets, she went on to complete her CPL, MEIR, and C Category Instructor rating with Massey University School of Aviation.

Tegan is excited to be back instructing on weekends and workings towards her B Category Instructor rating.

Outside of flying hours, you’ll find Tegan curating some of the finest cocktails behind the bar at Charlie Nobel, hiking, or on the couch watching movies.

C-CAT (A) Instructor

Conor Souness

Conor's love for aviation started at the tender age of 7 years old. During a family vacation looking out the window of a 747 ready to take off, Conor was instantly hooked. This led him to start his flying career with Kapiti Aero Club in 2019, later finishing his C-Cat instructor rating in 2022 in Whanganui. On completing his qualifications, Conor battled hot and dry conditions flying a C172 mustering stock in the outback of Australia. He is now back home sharing his passion and expertise with our members. Born and raised in Wellington, Conor can be found out on the coast trying to catch that trophy Kingfish or enjoying a round of golf with his mates.


Liz Jackson

Liz is our Office Manager who joined us in early 2012 and is the first point of contact when you come into the office. She thoroughly enjoys working with the club's friendly instructors and strives to make club members feel welcome, especially those new to flying.

Liz likes joining in club activities and weekends away, and in her spare time enjoys walking, biking, backgammon and reading. Liz lives locally and feels that the Kāpiti Districts Aero Club is a great asset to the region. She puts in extra effort to promote the club and is proud to see it going from strength to strength.

Kāpiti Aero Club is open 7 days a week, 8am-5pm. Call us on 04 902 6536 or drop into our clubrooms to discuss your aviation requirements.